For Start-up Founders Ready to Strategize, Systematize, and Scale their Service-Based Businesses


Almost 50% of Business Fail Within The First 5 Years

The Diverse Venture Leaders 12-month mastermind program is designed to help service-based entrepreneurs, startup founders, and small business owners plan and implement business stability and growth strategies to help them increase their annual revenue and scale to the next level of impact.

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Program Components

Strategy Mapping

An actionable 6-12 month business strategy is needed to prepare for business growth. Within the first 3 weeks of the program, all members have their plan developed. 

Building Brand Awareness

Our members are taught a no Google Ad, no Facebook Ad, no Social Media method for building brand awareness for themselves and their ventures.

Systems to Scale

Scaling doesn't happen all at once. It's a progressive process. We help mastermind members automate systems to scale to the next level of growth for their business.

Building Talented Teams

Our mastermind members receive training and guidance on how to recruit team members at every stage of their business.

Partnering for Profits

We help our members identify and effectively connect with prospective partners who can support their business goals.

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